VR Aero Matte Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser Tesla Model 3 2018+

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Give your Tesla the styling it deserves with the VR Aero carbon fiber rear diffuser for the Model 3 by Vivid Racing. The fins on the diffuser extend outward from the Tesla’s rear bumper to both smoothen and channel air flow to offer more stability as it moves at higher speeds. While aerodynamic parts are great for enhancing a vehicle’s appearance, they are even better when they deliver their respective performance and handling benefits.

The pre-impregnated 2x2 carbon fiber construction offers exceptional enhancement to the aesthetics of the Model 3. Formed in an autoclave, the Vivid Racing carbon fiber rear diffuser exerts incredible strength and durability. What’s more, it is finished with a protective UV coating to resist against unwanted fading. Solidworks CAD software was used in the manufacturing process to guarantee the perfect fitment of this product.

The aggressive styling of the Vivid Racing rear diffuser suits the Model 3 and matches its sheer speed to give it a meaner look. In fact, this diffuser hangs 1.75 inches lower than the rear bumper. Delivering a balance of both aesthetics and performance, the rear diffuser lets people know your Model 3 is more than just a luxury sedan. With the Model 3 capable of shocking acceleration and top speeds, the rear diffuser is in its rightful place adding a much-needed sporty look to the back bumper.

  • Matte Finish
  • Pre-preg 2x2 carbon fiber weave provides strength and style
  • Autoclave process increases durability and longevity
  • Utilization of Solidworks CAD offers superior fitment
  • 3K UV resistant coating protects against fading
  • Diffuser hangs 1.75-inches lower than the rear bumper
  • Offers 5.25 inches of ground clearance