ARMASpeed Mercedes Benz W177 A250 Carbon Fiber Engine bonnet

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ARMASPEED chose the Mercedes Benz W177 A250 for complete aero package development. We aim to inspire ARMASPEED innovative design spirit into this new sport car, resulting in an eye-catching design when vintage and innovation come together.


  • ARMASPEED with Mercedes Benz W177 A250 ; this project focused on every design detail, from pen and paper sketching to the CAD drawing design, adjusting a world class-state of the art design to the millimeter.

3D Model

  • Two different design package in a series of 3D renderings. Mercedes Benz W177 A250 immensely increased the efficiency of aerodynamics while projecting more aggressive and stylish appearance.

Final Products

  • The vacuum technology Aero Kit design has been finally completed. Resultant product’s lightweight and strength is a touch above the rest. Exquisite treatment to the surface further enhances the overall quality to another level.